Dilraba Talks about Her Countless Pregnancy Rumors for the First Time

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) has had to dealt with countless of pregnancy rumors in recent months, which her studio has denied repeatedly. The rumors were triggered when she was missing from the red carpet at year end shows in 2022 and hadn’t filmed for several months. The most recent rumor happened in February, which led to Dilraba’s studio to take legal action against several netizens and companies that started those rumors.

However, Dilraba came back with a vengeance against the rumors when she resumed work in March. Dilraba was spotted at the airport and other functions looking very NOT pregnant.

In a recent magazine interview with L’OFFICIEL, Dilraba addressed the pregnancy rumors for the first time. It was Dilraba who brought up the pregnancy rumors. She said, “This is a very common occurrence and it is not just isolated to me. Whether a woman doesn’t marry and doesn’t have kids, gets married and have kids, gets married and not have kids…are all personal choices. When can we escape the mindset of ‘she seems to be married’, ‘she seems to be divorced’, ‘she seems to have given birth’, ‘it seems she will never have kids’? Perhaps, this can be considered just a small improvement. When I first saw the rumors, I would be mad. Why is it like this? However, gradually, it only becomes funny. Even if I go live everyday, there would still be non-believers coming up with excuses for not believing [me].”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)