YUE HUA Entertainment Takes Legal Action Against Netizen who Created Rumors She was Pregnant with Wang Yibo’s Baby

A netizen had too much time on her hands when she recently started a rumor that she was pregnant with Wang Yibo’s (王一博) baby. The netizen in question, “晗晗qvq” (hanhanqvq), had left a comment on a post from Li En (李恩), Du Meizhu’s ex-friend who helped her expose Kris Wu. She wrote, “I need your help. I want to expose the entertainment industry’s Wang Yibo. He and I had sex. I am pregnant now. He doesn’t care about me and even threatened me. Please help.” Li En responded to her saying, “You better have proof.”

Li En privately messaged the netizen and asked her if she had proof. However, the netizen only responded back, “Starting rumors is illegal. I only hope the bad people get punished.”, and tagged Wang Yibo and Li En. This post went viral and was trending on Weibo. Li En clarified that after adding her as a friend, she didn’t send her anything. She said she doesn’t know why the netizen tagged her and told everyone to rationally “eat melons”. Li En also emphasized that she didn’t see any evidence and warned everyone not to be gullible to believe in these rumors.

On March 16, YUE HUA Entertainment issued a statement calling out “晗晗qvq” and stated her claims are fabricated rumors, defamatory, and has already seriously hurt Wang Yibo’s reputation. They also said they have already gathered evidence to take legal action, whether it’s against the original poster or someone reposting it.

On March 17, the netizen, “晗晗qvq”, wrote an apology post, saying, “I am a fan, I was just saying things to entertain myself. I didn’t think my one comment would cause such a disturbance. I originally thought this matter would just past after a while. I didn’t expect this matter would get to a stage that is out of my control. I sincerely apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo, sorry. I will close this account afterwards. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.”

Netizens also discovered the so-called pregnancy pictures “晗晗qvq” posted were stolen from an internet celebrity called Ryaoya. After she found out, she left comments saying, “Why are you using my pictures from 20 years ago?”, “Can you steal a better picture of mine?”, “This picture is os ugly. Why are you using it?”.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)