Daniel Zhou Keyu Clarifies He’s Okay After Getting Accidentally Hit from Zhang Jiayuan at INTO1 Concert

The last survival show group in the Chinese entertainment industry, INTO1, is about to graduate in 19 days after debuting on April 24, 2021 through “CHUANG 2021”. INTO1 is currently on a farewell world tour and recently wrapped up two concerts in Thailand. There was a bit of controversy as fans captured a moment in which Zhang Jiayuan (张嘉元) accidentally hit Daniel Zhou Keyu’s (周柯宇) face with his mic at one of the concerts.

Some fans were angered by Zhang Jiayuan and felt he was being careless in his actions, which led to Zhou Keyu getting hurt. After the event was over, fans noticed Zhou Keyu’s face had a bruise from the hit. Zhou Keyu and Zhang Jiayuan’s fans started fighting with the former group calling out Zhang Jiayuan for not apologizing or checking up on Zhou Keyu. Some fans used the hashtag “Zhang Jiayuan accidentally hits Zhou Keyu” and called for him to apologize.

At the second concert on April 2, Zhou Keyu explained that the accident happened a day before and that “Jiayuan didn’t intentionally do it at the time. It was an accidental bumping into [of each other]. After we got off stage, he immediately asked if I was okay. After some simple treatment, there is nothing major. I just want to tell everyone not to worry so much. It was just a tiny accident.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)