Ruco Chan Grateful for Girlfriend Standing By Him Through Rough Times

Ruco Chan Phoebe Sin Nancy Wu

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) appeared at a function yesterday since being seen vacationing with girlfriend, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) in London.  When asked if he knew people were secretly taking photos of them two, Ruco said, “I wasn’t aware.  There were a lot of Chinese people and I took pictures with some people.  They said they wouldn’t share the pictures, but there might have been some that were too shy to come up to me.”  Ruco admitted to vacationing with Phoebe in London for a week and added “It was nice to get away as Phoebe has been busier than me lately.  It was nice to recharge.  We’ve always been opened about it [relationship] and I don’t mind people taking pictures, just that we want to be a bit more low key.  Don’t want to create any unnecessary drama or gossip.”

Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin Announce Pregnancy

Ruco Chan Seen on Vacation in London with Girlfriend Phoebe Sin

When asked if their relationship progressed to a new level after vacationign together, Ruco doesn’t directly answer the question, but does say their relationship right now is going well.  Ruco goes on to say “Phoebe suffered a lot because I’ve had a lot of rumors and problems within the industry in the past 2 years.  She still stuck by me.  I am very grateful for her.  I’m not the sweet type, so I’ll prove it with action.  I hope we can just enjoy the good times after experiencing all the negativity and hardships.”

Ruco Unfollows a Bunch of Female Artists

Ruco Chan Announces He’s Getting Married with Phoebe Sin

Regarding Nancy Wu (胡定欣) unfollowing him on Instagram, Ruco explains, “Actually, around 6 months ago, the media was very interested in what I posted about my personal life.  I have a lot of non-industry friends on Instagram as well.  So if you go back and check now, you’ll see I unfollowed a majority of female artists and female friends.  I don’t want my friends pictures or their activity being tracked for screen captures.  This is just my way of protecting them.  This happened a while ago, so I don’t know how it’s news again. 

On rumors of Nancy leaving TVB, Ruco expressed, “I haven’t heard about it.  I haven’t asked her about the contract situation lately.  I’ll ask her next time.”  When asked about him losing a good on-screen partner, Ruco expressed, “It is what it is.  The industry is evolving.  Of course, I hope everyone can flourish and make a living.  If she really does leave TVB, she can still come back and film series, but it’s just regretful that the industry is changing.  

Hope we hear good news from Ruco and Phoebe soon.  Do you want to see Nancy leave TVB to expand her horizons? 

Credit: Ming, Apple Daily, Ruco Chan IG