Charmaine Sheh Reveals She Has Dated Over Ten Boyfriends

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Hong Kong actress, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), really knows how to handle questions about her personal life.  Charmaine Sheh, whose popularity skyrocketed to new heights after starring in this year’s hit drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略), recently went on Kevin Tsai’s Chinese variety show, “To Be Honest” (恕我直言).  Kevin Tsai is known for asking direct and personal questions.  In the fifth episode of the show, he doesn’t hold back and starts asking Charmaine Sheh about her love life.

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Kevin Tsai first asks if she is single, which Charmaine Sheh calmly replies, “Yes.”  Then he asks her when was her last relationship, which Charmaine Sheh jokes and says “yesterday” and then follows up with “It has been a period of time.”  Kevin Tsai tries to elicit more from Charmaine Sheh and starts off with, “I heard you have a very illustrious dating lifestyle.” to which she says, “Really? That’s very good.”  Then he asks “Do you have over ten ex-boyfriends?,” which makes Charmaine Sheh pause for a bit and responds, “It’s about right.”  Next question he asks if the longest relationship lasted over a year, she says, “Of course.”  This prompts him to ask her what her longest relationship was and she says, “I’m not telling you,” making Kevin Tsai let out a big sigh, but Charmaine Sheh quickly tells him “A few years.  About three years.”  

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Kevin Tsai then asks if it’s her co-stars, which she replies, “Some from the industry and some not.”  Charmaine Sheh also revealed she would invite her ex-boyfriends to her wedding and has even attended a wedding from one of her former boyfriends, garnering a surprise reaction from Kevin Tsai.  Chinese actor, Hong Yao (洪堯), who plays Prince He in “Yanxi” was also a guest in this episode and echoed Charmaine Sheh’s sentiments about inviting a former girlfriend to his wedding.  Kevin Tsai then asks, “Are you guys lacking in red envelopes?” Hong Yao says, “It would be a form of blessing, being able to receive so much blessings.” 

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