Karena Ng Indirectly Addresses Rumors of Being a Kept Woman

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Raymond Lam’s former flame, Karena Ng (吳千語), has long been rumored to be dating wealthy heir, Brian Sze (施伯雄), ever since her breakup with the “chok” master.  However, she insists she is single when interviewed by the press, seemingly to keep her relationship with Brian Sze low profile.  This is a stark contrast to her former relationship with Raymond Lam. 

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Karena Ng is Single Again

It seems she can no longer maintain she’s single ever since Apple Daily followed her and Brian Sze returning to Hong Kong from a vacation in Rome.  According to Apple Daily, the two were traveling in Economy class due to Brian Sze’s frugal nature and were alleged to be living together in their luxury abode.  Neither party has addressed the rumors, but it seems Karena Ng had actually indirectly responded to the rumors on her Instagram post on the 19th. 

Karena Ng and Rumored Boyfriend Brian Sze Caught Cohabiting Together

The post was a picture of her decked out in name brands at an event for Louis Vuitton.  She included the following hashtags: “bagwasgivenbythebrand, #irentmyownhome, “#stopspreadingrumors.”  It seems netizens weren’t buying what she was saying causing Karena Ng to leave the following comment, “If I don’t address the rumors, people complain, if I do address the rumors, people will say it’s better not to address them.  It’s hard to live.”  Unfortunately, all the comments have been deleted from the post.  

Karena Ng Says She’s Single, Still Friends with Raymond Lam

Credit: Apple Daily, Karena Ng IG

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  1. So true. She can’t win either way. I actually think it makes sense for people with money to date other high earners, otherwise it may make her bf feel inferior if he couldn’t afford the life that she’s used to living etc. That doesn’t sound romantic but it’s true when you are accustomed to a certain way of life. I’m still sad that her and Raymond didn’t work out, but I think he is like Aaron Kwok and won’t really settle down for another 10+ years.

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