“Produce Camp 2019” Gives Sneak Peek of Trainee Dorms

Produce Camp 2019 Gives Sneak Peek of Trainee Dorms

Filming has already begun for Tencent’s second season of their male idol trainee survival show, “Produce Camp 2019.” A few days ago, all four mentors were revealed. Today, the show shared pictures of the trainees’ living quarters. Tencent wasn’t joking when they rebranded the show as “Produce Camp.” The dorm is styled like a boot camp. All the trainees are living in one big room.

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Click here for the rest of the pictures: https://weibo.com/3156477622/HjmnlC1Pl?refer_flag=1001030103_

Watch a video of the dorms here: http://t.cn/EIXHAx3

There were also some candid pictures of the trainees wearing big brown backpacks during filming. Netizens joked that “Produce Camp 2019” is searching for military men, not idols. They compared the show as a crossover between “Produce 101” and Chinese remake of Korean variety show, “Takes a Real Man” (真正男子漢). Perhaps the new format of the show will give viewers a breath of fresh air.

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Credit: Produce Camp Weibo, Weibo (1, 2)