G.E.M. Seeking to Terminate Contract with Management Company

G.E.M. Seeking to Terminate Contract with Management Company

Hong Kong singer G.E.M. has enjoyed immense success and popularity in China for the past few years ever since joining the second season of the Chinese version of “I Am a Singer” (我是歌手). Everything seemed to be smooth sailing for G.E.M. until today. She made a long post on Facebook revealing issues with her management company, Hummingbird Music, and have already sought out lawyers to terminate her contract with the company.

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G.E.M. starts off the post with the following:

“Besides my father, you guys were once the most trusted men in my life. Unfortunately, we’ve finally come to this point.

These past years, I’ve tried adjusting my mindset during these unfair circumstances. Every time I wipe my tears, telling myself to keep the peace, try to endure it as best as I can. This includes a few months ago when I discovered the company was extremely in breach of contract, I still calmly tried to communicate with them, hoping to peacefully settle the matter. I’ve asked myself, I’ve already tried my best.”

G.E.M. continues to talk about the legal proceedings and arbitration meetings she’s had with the company to peacefully come to an agreement fo the past three months. She goes on to say that she continued to carry out previous work commitments, including a sponsorship deal that was signed without her agreement. Throughout this ordeal, G.E.M. had hoped to keep the matter private and come to a peaceful resolution. She claims that at the end of January, there was hope for a peaceful resolution, which is why she had promoted her second concert tour on Weibo. Alas, there was no resolution and claims the company “ignored the severity of the situation by continuing to announce additional shows.”

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On the status of the concert tour, G.E.M. shares that she will try her best to carry out the eight shows announced by Hummingbird music to avoid disappointing her fans and impact the concert organizers. She makes it clear that she no longer has an artist/management relationship with Hummingbird Music.

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Credit: G.E.M. Facebook