Anita Yuen Regrets Not Having Another Child

Anita Yuen Regrets Not Having Another Child

Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) have been married for 18 years and have a 13 year old son, Morton. They are well known among the industry as the ideal couple shown by their interactions on social media or how Chilam Cheung spoils his wife with Hermès bags. The couple was on a mainland talk show recently and both revealed thoughts never shared with the public before.

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During the show, Chilam Cheung asks Anita Yuen if she has any regrets in life. Anita Yuen responds, “Yes, not having another child.” The hosts tells her she still has time to which Anita Yuen replies, “It’s too late.” Chilam Cheung then tells Anita Yuen, “I will have a child with someone else. You can treat it like it’s yours, ok?” Anita Yuen says, “Okay.” Chilam Cheung then jokingly says, “I will jump down to find someone.” Anita Yuen tells him, “No, it’s too short. Gotta find a higher place and push you down.”

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The host then asked the couple what their biggest fears were, Anita Yuen replied, “I’m afraid my son will say I am a bad person.” As for Chilam Cheung, he said, “Her (Anita Yuen) dying. Because we’ve had so many happy times together. There’s no way it can be this perfect.” On what she is most proud of, Anita Yuen says, “Of course it’s meeting my husband.” In typical Chilam Cheung fashion, he retorts back, “That’s too fake. Say a real one.” Then Anita Yuen re-emphasizes, “It’s true.” Then Chilam Cheung says, “Not bad. You have taste.”

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Near the end, Chilam Cheung turns to Anita Yuen and says, “At this age, I still have a strong desire to live. I do hope there is a day I can escape. I won’t accept fate or else I will be eaten by you. You should maintain this feeling of a lack of security. Give me more surprises.” Once Anita Yuen heard this, she bursted out in laughter.

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  1. I can see why they’re still together after so many years. They can both be sarcastic and joke around with each other.

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