Ming Xi and Mario Ho Deny Rehearsing for Wedding Proposal

Ming Xi and Mario Ho Deny Rehearsing for Wedding Proposa

Mario Ho and Ming Xi have been getting a lot of attention ever since the news of their grand wedding proposal was reported on May 13th. Topics such as pregnancy rumors to Mario Ho’s ex-girlfriends and his aesthetics were trending. However, nothing got more attention than a clip shared by netizens, accusing Ming Xi of rehearsing for the wedding proposal. In the video, Ming Xi is seen wearing all black and the “mushroom” dancing girls that were present in the actual wedding proposal, are also there dancing around her. Some netizens said Ming Xi’s outfit, which is all black in the video, was different than the one she wore on the day of the proposal. Netizens suspect Ming Xi had rehearsed prior to the proposal.

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Sina Entertainment contacted Ming Xi’s team and they responded the clip was not a rehearsal for the proposal. They claim there was a “Super Mario” game during the proposal. So Ming Xi was brought to change her outfit.

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Watch the video of the supposed rehearsal: http://t.cn/EKKxfmW?m=4372236363930700&u=1642591402

Mario Ho also went to Weibo to address all the rumors and gossip surrounding the proposal saying: “Saying I have bad taste, talking about the ring box, I will quietly admit to it. Now you’re saying Little Ming attended the rehearsal?? If you weren’t present, please don’t talk nonsense. She wore black on the day of the proposal and came down from the second floor to the first floor. Then I gave her the pink dress to wear!”

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Netizens were calling Mario Ho tacky for using a Louis Vuitton box to hold the 10 carat engagement ring. In addition, he scribbled the words, “Little Ming, do you think there is a possibility of us being together?” accompanied with Yes and No checkboxes.

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Credit: Sina Ent, Mario Ho Weibo, Mario Ho IG, Ming Xi IG

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