Raymond Wong Clarifies Rumors He Left TVB to Sign with Louis Koo’s Company

Raymond Wong Clarifies Rumors He Left TVB to Sign with Louis Koo's Company

There were rumors circulating recently that Raymond Wong (黃浩然) was looking to leave TVB as he was unhappy about not winning any awards after being with the company for 12 years. It was also reported he had recently signed with Louis Koo’s (古天樂) management company to focus on filming movies. Raymond Wong appeared at an event today to clarify the rumors.

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He expressed, “I’ve always had collaborated with TVB. I still have two series that haven’t aired yet, “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆) and “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV). Actually for the past year, my wife has been managing my career. With TVB, I’ve always had an artist contract. I will continue filming series later on. Signing with a management company this time is because I still have a dream towards movies. I will handle filming both movies and series.”

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Raymond Wong expressed he has known Louis Koo for over 20 years. By chance, the two were talking about collaborating and hit it off immediately. He expressed, “Last year, my wife helped me with management. I relaxed for a year. While I was thinking if I should get out of my comfort zone, Louis appeared. We hit it off immediately.” On rumors that his interest was waning, Raymond Wong clarified, “Don’t kill my livelihood. Even though I am not [TVB’s] own son, but Tsang Jeh (Catherine Tsang), has always given me a lot of opportunities. Even when I got sick, she gave me a lot of encouragement. I will continue to film series and movies.”

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