TVB Changes Name for 52nd Anniversary Gala Show in Light of Hong Kong’s Current Situation

TVB Changes Name for 52nd Anniversary Gala Show

TVB’s annual “Anniversary Gala Show” (萬千星輝賀台慶), will be broadcasted live on November 19. When the promotional video for the show was aired yesterday, many netizens noticed the name change. What used to be called “萬千星輝賀台慶” is now called “珍惜香港 發放娛樂 TVB 52年”, which roughly translates to “Treasure Hong Kong, Provide Entertainment TVB 52 Years”.

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TVB Changes Name for 52nd Anniversary Gala Show

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As usual, the main hosts will be Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Do Do Cheng (鄭裕玲). In the video, Liza Wang is seen asking Do Do Cheng, “Do Jeh, we are hosts again for the anniversary show. Do you have a problem with that?” Do Do Cheng responds, “Of course not. What do we have to entertain everyone first?” Liza Wang says to her, “Amazing, we have the whole company’s artists singing and dancing, and putting their hearts out to perform. There will also be mega prizes to be given away to the viewers!”

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TVB Changes Name for 52nd Anniversary Gala Show

About the name change, a representative from TVB’s production team responded saying, “We are a TV station that grew up with the Hong Kong people, through the happiness and the sadness. Today, Hong Kong’s society is facing conflicting and troubling times. For TVB’s birthday this year, we thought the most suitable theme would be “Treasure Hong Kong”. As for, “Provide Entertainment, this is TVB’s duty.” We hope to give Hong Kong people energy and boost Hong Kong through “Treasure Hong Kong, Provide Entertainment”. Hoping everyone works together, treasure our Hong Kong, wishing Hong Kong will return back to being a happy and warm place.”

TVB Changes Name for 52nd Anniversary Gala Show

There were a mix of responses from netizens after the video was released. Some netizens said, “Looking forward to it!”, “Looks good!”, while others said, “Haven’t enjoyed the big station’s boring anniversary show for many years!”, “You’re still watching CCTVB?…a bunch of trendy kids still stuck in the 90s, stand up collar polos, using sunglasses as headbands.”

Credit: hk01, TVB Youtube

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