Real Ting Reveals Why He Would Never Cheat on Miriam Yeung

Real Ting Reveals Why He Would Never Cheat on Miriam Yeung

Ever since Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) and Real Ting (丁子高) got married and had their son, Torres, they’ve been viewed as the model family. Miriam Yeung is getting a lot of rave reviews for her performance in the currently airing TVB series, “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆), where she tries to move on and raise her son as a single mom after her husband cheats and leaves her.

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In an interview with Oriental Daily News, Miriam Yeung had talked about her relationship with Real Ting. She mentioned she has a lot of trust in Real Ting and wouldn’t suspect him of cheating on her. When reporters mentioned this to Real Ting, he expressed, “Cheating wouldn’t occur from me. I also believe 100% Mrs. Ting wouldn’t cheat!”

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Real Ting expressed that cheating will damage his family, his career, and definitely doesn’t want to damage his son’s image of him. He even went further to explain why people cheat. He expressed, “There is no relation between cheating and age. Cheating is something a child would do. People who cheat only love themselves, only care about their own feelings. If a person is mature, they would respect and love their family. I would exchange my role with that person and see it from their perspective. If my wife cheated, what would I do?”

Credit:, Real Ting IG