Linda Chung Considers “Kids Lives Matter” Her Last TVB Series

Linda Chung Considers Children's Hospital Her Last TVB Series

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has been in Hong Kong the last three months to film for TVB’s“Kids Lives Matter” (星空下的仁醫). She has previously mentioned that she missed her kids while she was staying in Hong Kong to film. While filming the MV for the theme song of the series, Linda Chung revealed there are still 36 days of filming left. She has also started her Youtube channel while filming in Hong Kong.

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It was a hard decision for Linda Chung to part from her family living in Vancouver. She expressed, “I really miss the kids. It was harder to endure than I imagined. This is considered the longest time I’ve been away from my children. I previously thought that after settling for 2 months, the children can fly over here, but after I finished quarantine, Hong Kong’s COVID situation started exploding again. So it ruined our plans. Don’t know what to do now. If my children came, I would stay longer. Otherwise, I will immediately fly back to Vancouver after finishing filming. I already packed up my luggage.”

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On whether her kids missed her a lot, Linda Chung said, “I am most worried about my daughter. My son is still small. He doesn’t have much feelings of withdrawals towards me. My daughter would say she misses me and tells me to come back home sooner. However, they have a lot of people who love them in Vancouver or else it would be very hard missing them. It’s actually me who is missing them so much while I’m in Hong Kong. My husband is also suffering a lot because he has to portray two characters.”

Looking back on this experience, Linda Chung said she didn’t dare to think about coming back to Hong Kong to film next time. She said, “So I don’t even know if this series might be my last one. It might be 10 years later until I film again because once I film, I have to leave for so long. My heart doesn’t even know how to feel. It’s really hard for mothers to pull away. If I film again, I have to consider it carefully. In any case, consider this my last drama and do my best. My family is very supportive of my work. I don’t want to disappoint them.”

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