“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, Ding Feijun, Issues Apology, Denies Fansite’s Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior Towards Girls

CHUANG 2021 Trainee, Ding Feijun, Issues Apology, Denies Fansite's Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior Towards Girls

After 3 days of rumors mulling around “CHUANG 2021” trainee, Ding Feijun (丁飞俊), he finally issued a statement regarding the allegations one of his former fansites made against him. This fansite owner claimed to have an intimate relationship with him and accused him of lying to her, emotional abuse, and getting girls drunk and drugged. His fanclub defended him at first, but hasn’t made a statement since the fansite owner showed pictures of Ding Feijun in bed.

On December 10, Ding Feijun apologized for his behavior, but denied the allegations made by the fansite owner.

He said:

“First off, I must sincerely apologize for all the trouble brought to everyone during this time. Extremely sorry for the people who got hurt because of me. I’ve been seriously reflecting these past few days. I hope that after gathering my thoughts and seriously examining my problems, I can give everyone a truthful response based on the facts and without any external factors.

The current rumors circulating online about [me] drugging [girls], making them get abortions, being a Pick Up Artist (PUA), and other rumors have already caused serious impact and harm to me and the people around me. I must clarify that I did overstep the boundaries of being an idol, but as an adult, I have never done anything that broke the law or violated principles, and definitely impossible to do such things to girls. If you must create rumors, please provide evidence.

When I was a non-celebrity, I was just like ordinary people, living and dating. My relationship with an ex-girlfriend did happen. During our relationship, we were interacting like other normal couples. I am deeply sorry for not explaining the situation to her on time. Asking outright for a breakup was my fault, sorry!

In these past few days, I deeply reflected on my mistakes. As for the groundless accusations, slander, and rumors, please provide evidence with legal bearing. I also hope everyone can rationally eat melons (gossip). As for the malicious defamation and spreading of rumors, I will be entrusting a lawyer to handle it through the legal channels.

Joining the show this time should be my one and only last chance on the road to pursue my dreams. I know very well that this statement is a gamble on my dreams. Of course, I’ve already prepared to withdraw from the competition and even quit the industry to return to being a regular person again.

This time, as a man in this civilized society, I am gambling everything I have to defend my dignity and character, and protect those around me from suffering harm on the internet again.

Lastly, I want to say sorry to everyone again!

To the fans who once liked me, I accept your hate indefinitely, sorry!“

The fansite owner hasn’t responded to Ding Feijun’s statement. His official fan club responded with a bunch of ellipses. Some netizens and former fans questioned his statement about abortions as the fansite owner didn’t mention it in her original post. However, some netizens said this was discussed on Douban. Many of them left comments criticizing his apology and want him to quit “CHUANG 2021” immediately.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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