“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, Han Peiquan, is a Cross-Dressing Douyin Celebrity

CHUANG 2021 Trainee, Han Peiquan, is a Cross-Dressing Douyin Superstar

Some of the male trainees from this year’s survival show season have raised some eyebrows. When it was revealed four white trainees were joining Tencent’s “CHUANG 2021” (创造营 2021), many netizens were puzzled and quite averse to it.

“CHUANG 2021” Trainee, Han Peiquan, Recounts Being Bullied for His Appearance Throughout His Childhood

Another trainee that caught the attention of Chinese netizens is Han Peiquan. As it turns out, Han Peiquan (韩佩泉) was already a famous Douyin celebrity known under his alter ego, “Han Meijuan” (韩美娟). The characters he portrayed are quite outlandish and gag type comedy.

However, he shocked netizens when his “CHUANG 2021” promo pictures were released, unleashing a totally different person. As it turns out, the 21 year old trainee is musically talented. Han Peiquan is a student at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. After it was announced he was joining “CHUANG 2021”, he revealed his internet celebrity work is his “job”, while making music is his “dream”.

Han Peiquan said he never thought about becoming a female internet celebrity. He only wished to be on stage, which is why he decided to join the competition as himself to fulfill his childhood dream.

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  1. It looks like he would’ve been more popular on douyin posting vids of his face instead of the gag vids he posted. On another note, are those westerners in the Chuang 2021 tweet? Kinda odd to see Caucasians in with idol styling to be honest haha

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