Daddi Tang and Fair Xing were All “Oh My God” During “My Little Happiness” Wedding Night BTS Clip

Daddi Tang and Fair Xing were All Oh My God During My Little Happiness Wedding Night BTS Clip

Even though “My Little Happiness” (我的小确幸) has already ended for Tencent VIP users, there are still a few episodes left to air for non-VIP users. The production team keeps teasing fans with short BTS clips. The most anticipated scene has to be the wedding night when Daddi Tang Xiaotian (唐晓天) and Fair Xing Fei (邢菲) kiss from the door to the bed without pausing for air.

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After the director yells cut, the two are panting and sighing. Fair Xing is panting and blurts out, “Oh my god!”, while Daddi Tang seems to be out of breath and says, “Oh my god, the first time I’ve felt so tired.” While Fair Xing scurries off, Daddi Tang is kicking a balloon with his legs and then hits it with his hand.

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The production team keeps teasing fans with these short 20 second clips. In past interviews and Daddi Tang’s farewell post, he attributed the kiss scenes and “Wen Shaoqing’s” moves in the series were taught and guided by the director, Yang Long. However, the director responded to his comment and said, “I can’t teach your sincere feelings.” Daddi Tang responded, “Long-ge is the best.”

There is also some buzz amongst fans claiming the director’s wife said the last kiss and nose rub at the end of the sofa kiss was not part of the script.

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Fans can’t get enough of these moments and the chemistry between Fair Xing and Daddi Tang on and off screen. The director had previously stated that he had discussed with the producers of the series that if the streaming count on Tencent reaches 1.2 billion views by February 25, there would be a second series with the original cast. So fans have been vigorously rewatching the series on Tencent to boost the views.

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Bonus BTS clip of the candy kiss:

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