These Steamy Kiss Scenes Cut from “My Little Happiness” were Too Hot to Handle

These Steamy Kiss Scenes Cut from "My Little Happiness" were Too Hot to Handle

Chinese drama, “My Little Happiness” (我的小确幸), is about to come to an end for non-VIP Tencent users. VIP users already had access to all the episodes on January 27. The drama is known for the really good on and off screen chemistry between the leads, Fair Xing Fei (邢菲) and Daddi Tang Xiaotian (唐晓天). The light hearted rom-com introduced Daddi Tang to more people and allowed him to show us how great of a kisser he is. Someone tallied up the total amount of kisses the leads did was around 23, with the last episode containing 5 kisses.

There are two hot kiss scenes in the series that had a longer version and were cut from the final edit.

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The wedding night

The first half of the wedding scene up to where Daddi Tang takes off his top is in the series. However, the part where he is taking Xing Fei’s top is cut from the drama. You could see why it didn’t make the cut. Xing Fei mentioned it took a lot of tries to film the wedding night scene during her live stream with Daddi Tang.

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The interrupted kiss

There is a BTS for this kiss scene where Fair Xing says she has known Daddi Tang for so many years now, but this is the first time she is shy looking at him. The cut version contains some panting on Daddi Tang’s part when their kiss gets interrupted. The blanket scene was also cut from the final.

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The candy kiss

This is another shot of the infamous candy kiss exchange where it was Daddi Tang who laughed first. He also kept the candy in his mouth after the director yelled cut.

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