“My Little Happiness” Treats Fans with Realistic Wedding in Extra Wedding Edition Video

My Little Happiness Treats Fans with Realistic Wedding in Extra Wedding Edition Video

Fair Xing Fei (邢菲) and Daddi Tang Xiaotian’s (唐晓天) series, “My Little Happiness” (我的小确幸), ended for VIP users on February 4. The cast and crew bid farewell to their characters and the series with long messages. The show treated fans with an extra wedding clip that wasn’t aired. After watching the video, many fans felt they were watching a real wedding video.

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For whatever reason, the show decided not to include this wedding video into the series. Daddi Tang had mentioned on several occasions that the wedding scene left a deep impression on him and that it felt really real. In an interview with Fair Xing, he mentioned, “I couldn’t take it anymore. If I were to get married again, it would feel like a second marriage.” In his live on February 4, he once again mentioned the wedding scene was a scene he really liked and said it was too real. He asked the director if he used his own wedding as the inspiration for the scene in the series. Daddi Tang said the director showed him his own wedding video and it turned out to be the exact same thing as the wedding in the series.

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Leon Li (李川), who plays “Wen Rang”, also showed a lot of BTS pictures from the wedding scene, which made it even seem more like a real wedding.

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The show also shared a lot of outtakes and BTS scenes on their Douyin account. One particular scene they recently shared showed “Wen Shaoqing” and “Cong Rong” playing a game where they have to capture the grape at the same time. The first attempt was failed. However, in the second attempt Daddi Tang took the initiative and just shoved the grapein his mouth and swiftly kissed Fair Xing. This scene seemed to be improvised by Daddi Tang as everyone had a shocked reaction, especially Leon Li who is seen mouthing, “niu bi”, which means awesome. Afterwards, Fair Xing is seen lightly hitting Daddi Tang and they both seemed really shy.

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In Daddi Tang’s farewell message to the series, he said this about the wedding, “To this day, thinking about the wedding scene at the end still makes me very excited. It seems like I really experienced my most important ceremony in life. When I walked towards “Cong Rong”, I even forcibly held back my manly tears.”

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As for his message to Fair Xing, he wrote, “Cong Rong @邢菲_, I feel like I don’t need to say much to you, but I also feel like there are a whole bunch of words I need to say. From the summer of 2018, we hit it off once we met. This time’s collaboration is like what Mark-ge said in “A Better Tomorrow”: What I lost back then, I will definitely get it back.” Hahaha! Thank you for giving me support and inspiration and…flattery during filming! Remember to often find 9th class’ ‘Wen Shaoqing’ for meals, what’s the big deal about spicy good?”

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