12 Trivia Facts about Daddi Tang

12 Trivia Facts about Daddi Tang

Chinese drama, “My Little Happiness” (我的小确幸), is melting a lot of hearts with the chemistry between the stars, Fair Xing Fei (形菲) and Daddi Tang Xiaotian (唐晓天), on and off camera. The two have been good friends since starring together in “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”. Because of Daddi Tang’s portrayal of “Wen Shaoqing” as the best boyfriend and hot doctor in “My Little Happiness”, many fans want to know more about him.

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So what are some fun trivia facts about Daddi Tang?

1. Daddi Tang was born on June 2, 1991 in Tianjin, China. He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

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2. He is an avid basketball player. He was training to become a professional basketball player until an injury in 2011 crushed his dreams. His favorite basketball player is Derrick Rose.

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3. He got into the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and became a model in 2012. He previously walked the runway during Paris and Milan Fashion Week.

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4. He got into acting in 2016 after getting noticed for his appearances on variety show, “Race the World” (非凡搭档). Daddi Tang said he received a lot of interest and acting offers after “Race the World” aired, which started his acting career.

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5. While sources list him at 188cm and he also said he is 188cm in a recent live with Xing Fei, Daddi Tang seems to be taller than male celebrities who are 188cm. Some fans have also said he used to be listed around 190cm. He once measured his legs to be 110 cm long.

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6. His Chinese name is Tang Xiaotian (唐晓天). His nickname in Chinese is “大地“, which is “dà dì”, pronounced like “dah-dee” and means “earth”. He once explained he is called Daddi because the opposite of “xiaotian” (heaven 小天) is “dadi” (earth 大地).

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7. He has a lot of tattoos. He has “MUM” and “DAD” tattooed on his wrists. He and his ex-girlfriend got matching tattoos of each other’s ID #. His is on his arm.

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8. Korean model and actress, Lee Sung-kyung, used to be his ideal type. He was once asked what script he would want for him and Lee Sung Kyung to act out. He said, “Have you guys watched “Well-Intended Love”?”. The series contains an iconic cherry kiss. He hasn’t found his ideal type yet.

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9. He wants to open a Japanese restaurant in the future as he really loves eating Japanese cuisine. His Weibo intro says: “Best Japanese chef in the world.”

10. He is really good friends with supermodel, He Sui, and has no problem dissing her.

11. His fans are called “dun hao” (顿号), which is a comma used in Chinese to separate similar items. Daddi Tang says he often uses “dun hao” in his Weibo posts, so his fans eventually adopted this name.

12. He is a cat person. He has a Sphynx cat named “Pili” (霹雳), which means thunderbolt in Chinese.



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