Netizen Gets Aaron Yan’s Response to Jiro Wang’s Monologue about “Making Your Members Fall in Love With You” on “ROAST”

Netizen Gets Aaron Yan's Response to Jiro Wang's Monologue about "Making Your Members Fall in Love With You" on "ROAST"

Jiro Wang (汪東城) was a guest on the fifth episode of Chinese variety show, “ROAST S5” (吐槽大会 S5), where celebrities go on stage giving a monologue roasting themselves with punchlines that are widely known by the public. Before Jiro Wang, his former Fahrenheit members, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) and Calvin Chen (辰亦儒), had already gone on before. Naturally, Jiro Wang had to mention Fahrenheit and the years long unrequited love rumors between him and Aaron Yan that led to their falling out.

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Jiro Wang started off his monologue about him being the self-appointed member of Fahrenheit. He continued saying, “I know too well that for a team to last, as the leader, you must get along very well with your members. The relationship between your members has to be very good so that the temperature is cohesive. It’s the best to make your members fall in love with you.”

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This part was led to a lot of applause from the audience as they know Jiro Wang was referring to the rumors between him and Aaron Yan. Jiro Wang continued saying, “I just couldn’t do it. So…”. Once again, the audience reacted with a lot of excitement. Jiro Wang completed this segment by saying, “That’s why our group disbanded. Look, Wu Zun (吳尊) still loves his wife the most!”

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After this episode came out, a netizen showed a screenshot of her alleged Instagram DM conversation with Aaron Yan. The message shows her asking him, “Why don’t you respond to Jiro Wang’s speech on ROAST?” Aaron Yan responded back, “You respond to it. Senseless.” The netizen responds back, “Yes, I am that senseless that’s why I want to watch you guys. The master’s ending is what’s awesome.” Aaron Yan responded back saying, “What does that mean? I don’t understand.” The person responded back, “Hahaha, why are you still responding to me? Is it really that senseless? I just want to watch the main characters talking to each other. It won’t do. I take back what I just said. If you’re not bored, do you want to talk to me about the things between you and Jiro Wang?”

For years, it was rumored Aaron Yan had unrequited love for Jiro Wang. Because the feelings weren’t returned, that was rumored to be the reason why the two had a falling out. Yoga Lin’s song, “Unrequited” (浪費), was even said to be about Aaron Yan’s previous relationship for 6 years, which led to the rumors the song was about Jiro Wang. However, Aaron Yan was on the show 2 years ago and told CP fans to stop fantasizing about him and Jiro Wang.

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4 thoughts on “Netizen Gets Aaron Yan’s Response to Jiro Wang’s Monologue about “Making Your Members Fall in Love With You” on “ROAST”

  1. Just a thought. It seems that all this blah blah is just hype. Sexuality has nothing to do with it and like the previous person said, it is their own business. From all the music videos and shows these two young men have been in thru the years, their relationship has to do more with competition and nothing more. It just happened that Aaron and Jiro were in a position that put them in more competition as their singing (mostly) careers developed. It was bound to happen that they would end up at “loggerheads” They ultimately had to go their own ways. They are two brilliantly talented young men who have vastly different personalities and a lot of “netizens” as they are called, need to move on out of the rut they are in and enjoy their performances as they are today. They gave us many years of enjoyment with their past performances. Life is too short to keep spinning this tired old worn out record. Also speaking of suicide, perhaps Aaron could be better helped by encouraging him to seek help and move on than netizens hateful comments that just flame the fire.

  2. This is so tasteless.
    If he really did have an unrequited love for him, then it is cruel to brag about it on TV. If it is false, it is cruel to pour fuel on the rumors, just to give himself some importance.

    What a disgusting man.

    1. You’re disgusting either. Aaron has been through a lot of sh*t because of this issue that’s not even proven to be real and yet people accuse him of being everything they accuse him to be. He’s tired of all this crap. F*ck people they shouldn’t even question anyone’s sexuality for real smh

    2. Aaron’s sexuality is his business. The real disgusting people are those who force a person to reveal what he doesn’t want to and accuse them of everything they wanna believe no matter how much the person in question tries to defend themselves. This is why some celebrities commit suicide. Actors should remain actors. Leave their personal businesses alone.

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