Former TVB Actress, Belinda Hamnett, Filed for Bankruptcy Due to Late Mother’s Medical Bills

Former TVB Actress, Belinda Hamnett, Filed for Bankruptcy Due to Late Mother's Medical Bills

Former Miss Asia 1997 turned actress, Belinda Hamnett (韓君婷), moved back to Hong Kong 7 years ago after living in her native city, Singapore. Belinda Hamnett has reportedly filed for bankruptcy in January for debts amounting to 6 figures. When she returned 7 years ago, she reportedly slipped in her bathroom and disfigured her nose. As her entertainment career was affected by this, she changed careers to working in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, her mother was later diagnosed with thyroid disease and terminal lung cancer. Belinda Hamnett devoted her time and money to care for her mother until her passing. In the end, she was left with over 400,000 HKD in debt amounting from her mother’s medical bills.

Belinda Hamnett Claims TVB Actor, Frankie Choi, Asked Her to Move Out After She Declared Bankruptcy

Since her mother’s passing 3 years ago, Belinda Hamnett has been working hard to pay off her debts. She has been living frugally with her roommate, TVB actor Frankie Choi Kwok Wai (蔡國威), in a village style house to save money. However, it still wasn’t enough and as she didn’t want her friends to be bothered by the finance companies, she decided to file for bankruptcy. When Frankie Choi was asked about Belinda Hamnett’s bankruptcy, he was in shock and didn’t know about it as they don’t ask about each other’s financial situation. Frankie Choi said he would help her within his abilities depending on the amount as he said he is still just a small actor.

Belinda Hamnett revealed she was able to handle her mother’s debts when she still had the beauty spa job, but due to the pandemic, her income was greatly affected due to closures. She couldn’t file for government benefits as her company had a doctor on site. She had to repay 10,000 HKD a month and had already repaid a big chunk of the 400,000 HKD debt. However, as she had no income and started racking up credit card bills, she has around 200,000 HKD in outstanding debts.

When asked if she would consider appearing in front of the tv screens again, Belinda Hamnett surmised that people probably wouldn’t use her over worries she would mess up as she had disfigured her face and previously suffered from depression. In order to save money, she would skip breakfast to save the money to buy a cup of coffee to curb her hunger. Luckily, a lot of friends have offered help. Belinda Hamnett revealed Spencer Leung (梁思浩) had offered her a job to be a DJ on his radio show and often treated her for meals. She hopes to film in China so she has been constantly filming videos to increase her exposure.

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