Netizens Call for “Youth With You 3” Trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, to Withdraw from the Competition After His Nationality Comes into Question

Netizens Call for "Youth With You 3" Trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, to Withdraw from the Competition After His Nationality Comes into Question

“Youth With You 3” (青春有你3) trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian (余景天), continues to face criticism and calls to withdraw from the competition after rumors were circulating his parents operated a KTV business selling drugs and sexual services. Since then, Tony’s mother has come out to clarify that they had already sold the business in 2008 and denied being involved in any of the activities circulating online. Tony’s father has also taken legal action against the perpetrators starting the rumors. However, netizens on Weibo have continued to call for Tony to withdraw from the competition and aren’t convinced about Tony’s parents’ innocence from the allegations.

Mother of “Youth With You 3” Trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, Denies Allegations She and Husband Operated KTV Business Offering Sexual Services and Sold Drugs

With just 6 days left until the “Youth With You 3” live finale where Tony is a hot favorite to debut as the center position, his nationality has become a hot topic on Weibo. Tony was trending at number 1 with the hashtag, “Yu Jingtian nationality”, on May 2 when netizens dug up clips from when he joined the Korean idol survival show, “Produce X 101”, where he stated, “I am from Canada, but both my parents are from China.” On “Youth With You 3”, Tony had once said he was proud to represent Chinese people, which netizens have used to attack him for saying different things. Tony’s mother had stated in her statement from April 30 that she and her husband brought Tony and his older brother to immigrate to Vancouver, Canada in 2008.

“Youth With You 3” Trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, Withdraws from the Competition Days from Finale Due to Recent Controversies

As the discussions continued on about Tony’s nationality, it spiraled further to Tony having dual citizenship, which China doesn’t recognize. So the narrative transitioned from Tony being Canadian to him violating the law for having dual citizenship, which hasn’t been proven. Comments calling for Tony to withdraw from the competition continue to grow on Weibo as they said this has become a societal issue.

During the “Youth With You 3” fan meeting on May 1, Tony was in tears when he thanked his fans. He said, “When I encounter difficulties, I look to the back and discover I still have you guys. I think however hard it is, I can still get through it. I hope we can maintain our original intentions together. Work hard, jia you!”

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32 thoughts on “Netizens Call for “Youth With You 3” Trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, to Withdraw from the Competition After His Nationality Comes into Question

  1. Dear tony,

    I never thought that you will quit on this show but who I am to Jude you? I know that you’re a good person, we believe in you and your talent that’s why your my favourite trainee among them .I wish that no matter what happen, you will be strong to face all the trials and threat on your life.I know you’re still young but facing/solving our problems & challenges in our lives give us a lesson,and courage to fight in our dreams.I believe that someday I will or we will see you shining on the stage performing freely without worry just like a 🦋 butterfly that shining bright and fly high freely. Be strong and believe on yourself that you will succeed no matter what. Don’t stress yourself about the busher/hater because there’s alot of people who’ve love & support you.

    Thank you for your wonderful performance on this show, we will miss you and your sweet smile,,keep smiling Tony.


  2. Tony and his teammates have nothing to do with this. They believed in Tony no matter what, because they lived in a big house together, so they will know how he is like. Why pushing so much FAKE rumors around Tony when he has nothing to do with this. TONY YU JING TIAN is my favorite TRAINEES of all ever since Youth With You debuted!!!! COME BACK TONY, I NEED YOU!!!! I VOTED FO YOU, ONLY FOR YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! :::::>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. FOR ME , I UNDERSTAND TONY FEEL AND I HOPE HE CAN BE BACK AFTER HIS FAMILY PROVE FOR THE ISSUE . i never hate or want Tony go to this situation but now all should wait and take time to think about this. I NEVER VOTE FOR TONY BUT I LIKE HIM AND I THOUGH ALL BOYS ARE NICE AND THEY HAVE BIG DREAM INCLUDED TONY .NO ONE jealous and all boys have high ability, Now just worry to all and especially Tony. with he JAIYOU AND STRONG HEART!

  4. This is heartbreaking.
    The relationship between Canada and China right now is not looking so great politically, but can the show HONESTLY stand by and watch this happen?! first, we have a top 20 that common, is NOT the top 20 of the trainees (like let’s be real here.) and THEN this?! like where is the protection for this young artist? Where is the integrity of the show????! Like it’s VERY obvious what is happening here. Why sabotage this group? Are we forgetting the literal 13 million MILLION people that voted for Tony? That’s unheard of and incomparable to the other trainees. You literally took away the Sunshine, English speaking member of the group.

    personally as a Canadian, born and raised, this is so wrong. when you immigrate here, you keep your national identity and heritage? you dont just become “Canadian” and that’s all. rarely do you hear people say “oh ya, i’m Canadian” if you’re asked what’s your background. they start with their ethnicity and national heritage. Why would it just NOW become an issue? would it not be something that you literally need to qualify to be a part of the show? He is Chinese period. There is nothing illegal about living in Canada.

  5. OMG wtfffff is wrong with these people. Are they really scared of Tony that they even have to dig his family history. Even if his parents were wrong in the past how can you blame this talented 18 years old boy. If you don’t want him to debut then stop voting him and take you time time to vote for your favs, who want him to debut will vote for him. If you are human and common sense STOP IT!!!

    1. Tony is a 18 year old boy he is kind and he is cute and handsome so hater f*ck you stop hating

  6. The netizens can be so ridiculous and mean to the young boy working so hard for his dreams. They just have to use hurtful words to attack him during this situation when nothing had been confirmed yet. It’s very sad and disturbing.

    1. Heard from Weibo today, Tony suspected to have left the competition. Sad. This amount of stress for an 18 year old!

  7. So what if his parents did/done those things-? ? Rumor maybe true or not–Must Tony suffer from those things he didn’t do? He entered the show legally with pure talent and capabilities with the help of those who believe in him and appreciate his talent and beauty! Don’t drag others to hate a person just because The one you favor on the show is on low rank or on rank that you don’t want him to be! Vote who you want to vote and we who support Tony vote for him! !

  8. Tony fighting we’re always here to support you no matter what. Don’t mind those bashers.

    Please stop these cyber bullying.Tony endured so much pain and God he’s only 18 just give him a break.

    We love you Tony i know you will be the final center. Jiayo

    1. Tony don’t worry I hate these people why can’t a person be from Canada and Chinese I am also Australian Chinese and Korean I don’t understand them

      1. it’s just the possible issue of dual citizenship which is illegal in China

  9. just from seeing his vlog and the idol survival project, i know he is a really pure innocent kid. come on. he is 18 years old. there is no way he did that dual citizenship on purpose, he probably don’t even think through that. it has nothing to do with being a chinese citizen or canadian citizen. doesnt matter. we all same.

  10. Jiayooo Yu Jingtian🤗🤗🤗
    Lets go to top 9 center🤗🤗🤗
    I’m sure you can do it🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. Are cnetz for real? dude I can’t even with them anymore, they’re so delusional that they think EVERY little stupid thing is insulting to China or to the Chinese. The boy literally said that he’s proud to represent the Chinese so what more do people want?! SMH. Also did he say the words ‘oh I have dual citizenship,’ or something similar and like did those words physically coming out of his mouth, cuz if they didn’t then don’t ASSUME sh*t. Mark from NCT is Canadian but ethnically Korean…therefore Tony is Canadian but ethnically Chinese.

      1. he hold canada passport and china hukou
        which is illegal, if he really want to have canada passport he must relinguish his hukou.
        china only recognize 1 citizenship.

        1. I saw a comment that says, it’s not illegal for him to have dual citizenship but china do not recognize it. So for them since he has chinese citizenship and is living in china right now he is just Chinese.

  11. This is why people said, the more fans u have.. the more haters u have.. n most of them are petty haters.. i experienced all kind of baseless rumors when stanning X1 n this is really to be expected as Tiny is really famous now. People are jealous

  12. Every one is against Tony and is spreading rumors is just a hater and is acting very unfair to such a cute and talented boy like Tony, they don’t want Tony be center and are jealous. Even if one percent rumors are true, it is not Tony business. And to clarify, in produce x 101, Tony said lives in Canada but both his parents are Chinese, so why they hate him.
    Please support Tony and show your love to him everywhere, we shouldn’t judge people unfair or hate some one innocent just in case you are not a fan

  13. Unbelievable. It’s obviously trolling. Mainstream China accepts other nationalities and cultures as entertainers, so this is very fishy. Once the pot is stirred there will be many to join in and change their point of view like sheeple. Brainwashing. Kris Wu is from Canada representing China, and was in a Korean boy band. This has got to stop. Tony is not my main pick, but bullying is wrong no matter what.

  14. This cyber bullying must be lead by water army… This poor kid is not protected…

  15. People PLZZ stop attacking him 😶😶 its not even his fault … I think people are just jealous because he is in the top ! BUT STILL U CANT DO THAT!! He has gone through so much..he DESERVES to be in this show …. Stop hating him without a reason and STOP SPREADING RUMORS

  16. So fishy when this rumor started days before the finale and not before the program started. Also, who will benefit this the most? Fans are so desperate to make their favorite trainee to debut and be top while bring down others. This is not the first time. There was also another rumor with another trainee in top 20.

    1. It could benefit a lot of people. Other competitors from the same show could be an option. Other established groups who feel threatened or even groups that just made their debut.

      Whether Tony debuts as center or not, this group of 9 is already doomed. Not a lot of sponsors would want to risk boycotts so they would pick another group instead.

      So even though there are a lot of theories that it’s LYZ that benefits the most I’d argue he has very little to gain. If the group isn’t popular the fault generally lies on the center.

    2. No need to fuel the fire by suggesting someone did this purposely because they might have something to gain. You’re just doing the same thing these people did to Tony but trying to direct it to some other trainees. Tony is innocent in all of this. This toxic culture of cyber bullying needs to stop. Even IF these things were true, I don’t see how any of it is his fault. Why does he have to bear the brunt of it for his parents actions? Also, like someone already mention. I watched the clip. Tony literally said “I’m from Canada, but my parents (and I) are Chinese.” I honestly believe he was just referring to his living in Canada, not that he’s Canadian.

    3. Trainee number second….you know it,fan of him want him become a center…

      1. Ellena is obviously a troll, trying to stir the pot. I don’t think anyone wants the center position now knowing that it’s tainted with rumors. There will be people who say you didn’t win fair and square. Tony and all the other trainees are innocent in all this. They literally didn’t do anything. Stop trying to cause drama.

  17. bruh they so mean his just a regular trainee who wants to debut after failing the first time give him a break

  18. Why are people attacking this poor kid?! He’s not my OP, but this is getting out of hand. He’s only 18. What his parents did or did not do is out of his control. I didn’t watch the clip, but maybe he just said he’s from Canada in the sense that that’s where he most recently lived. This cyber bullying is ridiculous.

    1. Why do they have to find criticism in everything
      Just let them be… He isn’t the one doing the illegal stuff and even if their parents did illegal things it was way back in 2008… why bring the past now…
      It’s fustrating to see all this type of words spreading like fire….. He is pursuing his dream so please stop it… He have his life…

      1. because his parent didnt come clean for the aftermath…
        else… why its being dig up…

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