Female Artist, Li Yanglu, Hints at Meng Meiqi Being the Third Party in Her Relationship with Ex-Boyfriend Suspected to be Former X-NINE Member, Chen Zexi

After Meng Meiqi (孟美岐) was exposed by an ex-girlfriend of musician, Chen Lingtao (陈令韬), to be the third party in their relationship, things seemed to settle down quickly. Meng Meiqi gave her side of the story and claimed she confirmed Chen Lingtao was single before they dated. She apologized to his ex-girlfriend and her fans. The day the scandal was exposed, Meng Meiqi was seen in public and continued working.

Meng Meiqi

However, there were follow-up claims to Meng Meiqi knowingly being a third party on more than one occasion. Aimee Li Yanglu (李杨璐), artist and ex-girlfriend of former X-NINE member, Chen Zexi, posted several things on October 25-October 26, hinting Meng Meiqi was the third party in her relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

Li Yanglu responded to netizens saying things like: “I didn’t just discover one, it’s just that mmq is the first one.” and “But indeed, this is not her first time doing this.”

In response to a netizen saying “mmq has PR helping her cover it up.”, Li Yanglu said, “Of course, I can only confirm she was definitely aware she was the third party in my situation at that time. She said to my boyfriend at the time, ‘Did she see it? Did she fight with you?’ He said, ‘No, she is communicating nicely with me.'”

In a separate post, Li Yanglu stated the following were exact words from Meng Meiqi, “You’re going to be accompanying her in the next few days, then I won’t contact you to avoid causing you any trouble.” and “Don’t you miss me? I really miss you…”

On October 26, Chen Zexi posted a video of him eating watermelon and said, “Gua (melon) is very good”. It seems like Chen Zexi is also following his own gossip. Chen Zexi and Meng Meiqi both used to be in Wajijiwa Entertainment. Chen Zexi announced he left X-NINE last September and Meng Meiqi’s Rocket Girls 101 contract with Wajijiwa ended last June.

While Li Yanglu didn’t explicitly name Chen Zeixi as the ex-boyfriend in her reveals, netizens and bloggers are assuming it’s him.

On October 27, Li Yanglu posted a long chat message believed to be written by Meng Meiqi to her ex-boyfriend at the time. Some of the things said are, “Remember what I’ve said to you before, there is no compromise between both parties. A decision must be made sooner or later. I also know that this decision was never mine from the start, but I still chose to bravely continue to love.”

The text continues to say, “This term, third party, doesn’t suit me, Meng Meiqi. To leave, I would still choose to leave confidently and freely. My temporary appearance accidentally appeared in your world.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)