Roy Chiu Reveals How He Secretly Found Out Tiffany Ann Hsu’s Ring Size and When They Knew it was Time to Get Married

Roy Chiu (邱澤) and Tiffany Ann Hsu Wei-ning (許瑋甯) went the low key route for their marriage announcement. While the whole world was still wondering about their dating rumors, they were already together and getting married. After announcing their marriage announcement, Roy Chiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu wished to maintain some privacy and space for themselves and not reveal anything further. They didn’t speak to any media outlet except for Taiwanese tabloid, Mirror Media magazine.

According to the magazine, they obtained an exclusive interview with Roy Chiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu after several discussions with them. Mirror Media asked the important questions, like how many carats the ring is, how the proposal went down, how Roy Chiu knew Tiffany Ann Hsu’s ring size and more. While they didn’t reveal the details of the proposal as they wanted to keep that to themselves for now, Roy Chiu did reveal that he secretly put on Tiffany Ann Hsu’s jewelry and discovered his pinky ring size was just the size of her ring finger. Roy Chiu says Tiffany Ann Hsu didn’t know as he hoped to give her a surprise. As for the size of the diamond ring, Tiffany Ann Hsu said it was a gesture from Roy Chiu and won’t go into detail about it.

Because of the sudden marriage news, there were speculations that Tiffany Ann Hsu might be pregnant. Her manager had already denied it on the day of the marriage announcement. Tiffany Ann Hsu personally denied it and says there are still jobs in progress later on.

When the magazine asked the reason for their flash marriage since they kept their relationship under wraps so well. Roy Chiu said, “We’ve both reached the age of marriage. Both of us felt the other person is the right person, so we got married! It was also to let our elders to no longer worry about the major life event in our lives.” Tiffany Ann Hsu said, “It felt like this happiness is the best news and we wanted to share it with everyone.”

As for what qualities of Tiffany Ann Hsu attracted or moved him, Roy Chiu said, “She is very kind and is very filial to elders. When I am with her, I will feel very at ease.” On when they confirmed each other were their life partners, Tiffany Ann Hsu explained, “It’s actually just the daily life interactions. I feel very at ease when we are with each other. We also cherish the time we spend together, so we made the decision.”

Credit: Mirror Media (1, 2, 3), Roy Chiu FB, IG

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