Tong Liya’s Studio Reveals She is Single, Rumor Starters about Her Being Married to a High Ranking Government Official Arrested

Back on December 22, it was revealed Chinese actress, Tong Liya (佟丽娅), had filed a police report after rumors went viral that she had remarried a high ranking government official, Shen Haixiong. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice that they had accepted her case. However, news and rumors about Tong Liya and Shen Haixiong were essentially scrubbed from Weibo, leading netizens to wonder if a higher power had interfered due to the sensitivity of the issue.

On December 29, Tong Liya’s studio issued a statement that three perpetrators were arrested for their involvement in creating the rumors. They expressed that the three people fabricated and spread false rumors about Tong Liya for the sake of bragging and showing off. The three suspects are currently administratively detained in accordance with the law.

The studio also emphasized that Tong Liya is divorced and currently single and has “never violated any personal morals by committing any immoral behavior.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)