Miss Hong Kong 2020 First Runner Up, Celina Harto, Says She’s Currently Single, but Hinson Chou Says Their Relationship is Stable and Shares Texts and Pictures

Before Celina Harto (陳楨怡) was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2020 first runner up, she was already dating her non-celebrity boyfriend, Andy, for four years, which she had previously said she hoped to grow old with him. Then in the past few days, a netizen leaked news to the media that Celina Harto has actually been in an underground relationship with former TVB artist, Hinson Chou, (周子揚) for a year and a half. In response to the accusations she is dating two men at the same time, Celina Harto, told the media that she was just friends with Hinson Chou and that the news wasn’t true even though he claims to be her official boyfriend.

In a new report, when it was mentioned Hinsou Chou claimed to be her “official boyfriend”, Celina Harto responded, “I am single.”, but didn’t specify who she had split with. Hinson Chou was interviewed again by Oriental Daily, who wanted to respond to Celina Harto with, “You are complicated.” When Celina Harto insists on saying they are just friends, Hinson Chou responded, “We are fighting right now.” On whether they have broke up already, Hinson Chou said, “We are very sweet, our relationship is very stable, never fought before.”

Upon request from an Oriental Daily reporter, Hinson Chou shared his chat records and pictures with Celina Harto. They’re seen referring to each other as “BB”. Hinson Chou said Celina Harto, who is currently filming in mainland China, sent him messages saying she missed him and was crying saying she didn’t want to part from him on New Year’s day.

Hinson Chou also revealed that Celina Harto once revealed she was afraid of the dark, so they would stay up all night long to video chat. He revealed, “She said she is afraid of sleeping in the dark in the mainland and doesn’t dare turn off the lights. So I would video chat with her until the morning. I would accompany her to sleep while separated by distance, I didn’t sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning.”

When asked if this means Celina Harto and Andy have already broke up, Hinson Chou responded, “I am not sure if she and Andy broke up, but I hope she admits that I am the ‘official one’ who quietly sacrificed for her in the past year and a half.” Hinson Chou also said that he loved Celina Harto so much at the time that even if he knew she and Andy hadn’t broke up yet, he was willing to endure it: “I’ve endured it, but I’ve endured it for a year and a half.”

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2 thoughts on “Miss Hong Kong 2020 First Runner Up, Celina Harto, Says She’s Currently Single, but Hinson Chou Says Their Relationship is Stable and Shares Texts and Pictures

  1. It sounds like he’s trying to force her to acknowledge him as her bf. But, like, how sad is it that he’s willing to be a backup invisible BF just to be with her? Bro, doing this is not going to win her to your side.

    1. She may well be dating multiple people, but who knows what they all agreed/knew privately.

      I’m amazed that he thinks public humiliation will tie her to him.

      If she has no career or reputation left, she’ll have to accept him? What an unhealthy relationship on both sides.

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