Ethan Ruan Reveals He is in a Relationship with a “Very Ordinary Girl”

Taiwanese actor, Ethan Ruan (阮經天), took the initiative to announce he is in a relationship during the Lunar New Year. On the night of February 5, Ethan Ruan uploaded an IG story of himself with a woman’s face covered. Ethan Ruan wrote, “The new year has ushered in some new hope. She is a very ordinary girl. I hope everyone gives us some space to let us get to know each other better. Thank you to everyone for understanding. Wishing everyone a happy new year and to be safe and healthy.”

In response to Apple Daily TW’s inquiries, Ethan Ruan’s manager confirmed the news and said: “Just like what he posted on IG, it’s a happy thing. The other party is an ordinary office worker. He also hopes she won’t be bothered. Hope some space can be given to him.”

Ethan Ruan was in an 8-year relationship with Taiwanese actress, Tiffany Ann Hsu Wei-ning (許瑋甯), until they broke up in 2015. Since then, he hasn’t publicized any new relationships. He was involved in heavy rumors with his “Cupid’s Kitchen” co-star, Lareina Song Zu’er (宋祖儿), on a few occasions since 2019. However, both parties have repeatedly denied the rumors.

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Ethan Ruan Studio