Kai Ko Expresses Frustration After His Tinder Account Got Banned

Taiwanese actor, Kai Ko (柯震東), recently shared an IG story of a screenshot showing his Tinder account was banned. The reason for the ban was: “Your Tinder profile has been banned for activity that violates our terms of use.” Kai Ko tagged Tinder and Tinder Taiwan and added the caption, “WTF”.

According to TVBS’ report, Kai Ko’s manager responded on the matter saying that they couldn’t find the reason for why his Tinder account was banned. His manager said that after this matter came to light, a lot of netizens responded with, “It turns out Kai Ko also uses social networking apps.” and “Male god still needs to use this social networking app.”

Kai Ko has only admitted to two relationships in the past, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and Tia Lee (李毓芬). Even though Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao split 7 years ago, they still remained friends. Afterwards, Kai Ko and Tia Lee were constantly rumored to be dating, but they never addressed it directly. However, in a live stream last year, he was asked about his relationships with “Ms. Hsiao” and “Ms. Lee“. For the latter, he admitted she was the one he liked the most at the moment and the reason for their break up was that he wasn’t good enough.

Credit: ETtoday, Kai Ko IG

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