Crystal Fung Yingying Collaborating with Karl Ting in New Series After 1 Year of Not Filming

Crystal Fung Yingying (馮盈盈), the 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner, has been keeping herself busy after not filming any new series for a year. Back in February, it was rumored Crystal Fung was frozen by TVB for committing 3 offenses. In her meantime, she did some hosting jobs and recently even passed the Level I CFA Exam.

On August 27, Crystal Fung and Karl Ting (丁子朗), talked about collaborating on a new series, “You Are Not Her” (lit. 妳不是她), next month. The two actually collaborated before in “Sinister Beings (逆天奇案)”, which was back in 2019. There were rumors Crystal Fung is getting “sloppy seconds” as Yoyo Chen was rumored to be starring in this series, but was replaced because of divorce rumors. In response to those rumors, Crystal Fung said, “Mr. Tsui (Stephen Tsui Ching Hong 徐正康, Director of TVB Series Production), has already spoke about this. I don’t need to talk about it more. However, I have already received the notice to appear in this series for a while now.” Crystal Fung also said this is just a rumor and isn’t unhappy about the rumors.

When asked about her finally being “unfrozen” by TVB, Crystal Fung said, “Was there such a thing? I’ve actually been working all along. It’s just that there are some shows that haven’t aired yet. Just like this series, it hasn’t been officially announced yet and it was already leaked.

Credit:, IG (1, 2)