Yu Zheng Claims Xu Kai is Single a Week After He was Rumored to be Dating Actress, Zhao Qing

Producer, scriptwriter, and founder of Huanyu Entertainment, Yu Zheng (于正), is infamous for making controversial remarks about artists and the entertainment industry. Xu Kai (许凯), who is managed by Huanyu Entertainment, was rumored to be dating a newly signed Huanyu Entertainment actress, Zhao Qing (赵晴), just a week ago.

Yu Zheng Rules Out Xu Kai Joining Rumored Drama Adaptation of BL Novel, Heaven Official's Blessing
L to R: Yu Zheng and Xu Kai

At the time, neither Xu Kai nor Zhao Qing addressed the rumors. However, Yu Zheng had made a comment about the dating rumors and Zhao Qing, saying, “Waited so long just for this? Better to look at the pretty girl! Beautiful person, good acting, good looks!”.

Zhao Qing

However, on December 26, someone left a comment on one of Yu Zheng’s post, saying, “Heard Xu Kai is announcing his relationship today. Yu Zheng responded back to the person, “How to announce if single? Crazy!”, hinting that Xu Kai is single.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)