Wu Jinyan Has Been Dieting Since She was 10, Only 48 kg at Her Heaviest

Wu Jinyan I Can I BB Kevin Tsai

Chinese actress, Wu Jinyan (吳謹言) of “Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略) fame was recently a guest on Kevin Tsai’s variety show, “I Can I BB” (奇葩說).  She was asked if she ever gained a lot of weight.  She revealed her current weight was 45 kg (~99 lbs), but she was 48 kg (~106 lbs) to 48.5 kg (~107 lbs) at her heaviest.  

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Wu Jinyan is known for her small frame and tiny face.  After taking off the traditional costumes, her bony figure is even more apparent, making many question if she is too skinny.  To appease everyone’s nerves, she explains that she has been “scientifically dieting” since she was 10.  She said she would always count how many grams of food she had and seriously assess what kind of foods will make you gain weight.  Wu Jinyan says, “I’ve always had this notion since I was young.”  Another guest asked her why she would want to live like this.  

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As it turns out Wu Jinyan has been practicing ballet since she was 10 so she is especially mindful of her figure.  Even though she is an actor now, she still maintains the same workout routines.  While she hasn’t gained weight, when she was filming “Yanxi,” she was requested to look delicate and pitiful.  As a result, she changed her diet and proceeded with the “631 Diet Method.”  This involves taking one day’s worth of meals and splitting it up to ten meals, breakfeast has 6 meals, lunch has 3 meals, and dinner has 1 meal.  Brown rice replaces white rice, no carbs at night.  This method has helped her maintain her figure, leaving many in awe.  

Credit: ETtoday.net, Wu Jinyan Weibo

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