Zanilia Zhao Liying Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Zanilia Zhao Liying Ultrasound Rumors

Chinese actress  Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) has been plastered in the news lately.  First, it was the pregnancy rumors started a few months back.  Then, she announced she was ending her partnership with her management company.  Finally, her and now-husband, William Feng Shaofeng announced they got married this month.  The latest rumors involve an alleged ultrasound of Zanilia Zhao Liying’s, indicating she is 6 weeks along.  Some netizen even alleges her due date is next March and says her classmate’s teacher was the one who did the checkup for her.  

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Since the rumored ultrasound was shared online, many netizens are convinced more than ever that Zanilia Zhao Liying and William Feng Shaofeng had a shotgun marriage.  When Chinese media reached out to Zanilia Zhao’s work studio to confirm, they said, “The person in the news is not the actor, Zhao Liying, it’s just the same name.”  However, they didn’t directly respond to Zanilia Zhao Liying’s own pregnancy rumors, just that the ultrasound wasn’t hers.

Zanilia Zhao Liying finally responded to the rumors by putting a lengthy post on Weibo today: “Recently, there have been a lot of rumors online.  A lot of passionate netizens are spreading rumors, secretly taking pictures, photoshopping pictures.  Then they are making up stories based on these pictures and somehow it ends up being reported as news.  Making rebuttals to these rumors and it gets called out for being staged.  I don’t know if I should be happy or should we all continue to be fools? Stop causing trouble over my stomach!”

Credit: Apple Daily, Zanilia Zhao Liying Weibo