Vivian Yeo Says Dicky Cheung Taught Her How to be Flirtatious

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Dicky Cheung’s (張衞健) new series, “The Learning Curve of a Warlord” (大帥哥), has aired for a week now.  The cast and crew were in attendance to promote the series today.  Vivian Yeo (楊秀惠), who plays one of Dicky Cheung’s wife in the series, was asked about her character being very flirtatious.  She reveals, “It was hard for me to accept it at first.  Watching the scene where I try to seduce the warlord (Dicky Cheung), it gave me a headache.  I couldn’t take it, but I had no choice.  Every time I put on the makeup, I was so stressed, but as an actor, I have to do it well.  I kept convincing myself I was “Ai Niu” (艾妞).  I resisted the hair style and make up a bit, but I am pleased with the funny results.”

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When asked if there would be anymore erotic dance scenes, Vivian Yeo says, “There will be a few more dance scenes.  Some of the scenes was taught by the warlord.  He taught me to sing and dance while touching him.  In the first scene, I seduce him, but later on, I’ll have to seduce other people.  He taught me how to walk, how my legs should be placed.  He even demonstrated how to walk to show me.  I didn’t imagine he could be so feminine.  I am grateful for him helping me.”  

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On working with Dicky Cheung, Vivan Yeo says, “The speed that he talks at and his reaction are very fast.  He would teach us to get to the main point, at what point the lines are funny, and how to get into rhythm.  There is a line where I need to “Yeahhh”.  He told me to keep saying “Yeahhh” for the later scenes.  Even now, when my nephew calls me, he would imitate me and say “Yeahhh.”  The most important thing is to entertain everyone.”  

Credit:, Vivian Yeo IG