Vivian Yeo Secretly Gave Birth in Malaysia

Vivian Yeo Secretly Gave Birth in Malaysia

TVB actress, Vivian Yeo (楊秀惠), shocked everyone on April 27 when she announced on Instagram that she gave birth to a baby girl. Vivian Yeo didn’t announce her pregnancy prior to giving birth. She also secretly got married to her non-celebrity husband last year, but didn’t specify the date. It’s no wonder she hasn’t been seen in Hong Kong or even promoted her latest series, “Brutally Young” (十八年後的終極告白).

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On her post she wrote, “This year’s mother’s day, I can celebrate it as the role of a mother. I received such a precious mother’s day gift ahead of schedule. Because of the outbreak and lockdown protocols in Malaysia, the baby’s birth process was not easy at all. There were constant changes and emergencies, but luckily my daughter was finally born to this world safely. Once again, thank you to the medical staff in Malaysia for taking good care of me. I wish they and medical workers all over the world can successfully overcome this pandemic soon.”

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Vivian Yeo opted for a C-section. Her baby daughter’s initials are also “VY” and she weighs 6 lbs. Speaking with the media, she mentioned that due to the protocols set in Malaysia, surgeries have to be scheduled well in advance. The patient must also undergo blood tests and a throat test for COVID-19 and wait for the results in order to proceed with surgery. Her appointment kept getting rescheduled several times, which made her very worried. Her husband was also not allowed in the delivery room due to the pandemic protocols in place.

Credit: hk01, Vivian Yeo IG