Ex-Girlfriend Suspected of Lying about Her Exposé on Qu Chuxiao’s Fetishes

Back on April 24, a netizen claiming to be Qu Chuxiao’s (屈楚萧) ex-girlfriend, Helen Li Fan (黎梵), made a long post accusing him of being mentally and physically abusive while he imposed his fetishes in their relationship. She included two graphic pictures and accounts of the supposed torture she endured. However, on April 25, a netizen claiming to know Helen Li posted a bunch of screenshots and shared stories about her that seemed to contradict her story. She makes a disclaimer that she isn’t trying to help Qu Chuxiao clean his image as “he is no doubt a scumbag after all” and didn’t want people to be further misled by her stories.

Netizen Claiming to be Qu Chuxiao’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposes His Alleged Fetishes

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This netizen claims Helen Li was the one with the S M fetish and the one who initiated the contract with Qu Chuxiao. In a dialogue allegedly between Helen Li and Qu Chuxiao, it shows her asking if he wants to be her master and includes a contract for him to sign. She tells him to choose one and he asks her, “Choose what?”. She responds back, “An agreement”. She then says there are a lot of agreements online and that included one that she had wanted to use before. The netizen also found older posts from her IG that showed her wearing scantily clad clothing that would suggest she has dabbled in it before.

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There are additional texts, which the netizen claims is of Helen Li telling a friend that “100,000 RMB yesterday would’ve been able to solve all problems yesterday”. The friend responds to her that there is a 280,000 RMB remaining balance. It sounds as if more money was needed in order to “solve all problems”. In a separate text she said, “He returned the 100,000 RMB to me, said he wasn’t good before and for making me suffer. He originally wanted to give me 200,000 RMB. I didn’t take it. Thank you to the haters.”

After things went sour, this netizen claims Helen Li started gathering her friends to create incriminating evidence against Qu Chuxiao and to paint him as a pick-up artist. She had previously exposed some other things in January, but they didn’t seem to have any impact.

Since these posts started circulating, Helen Li had deleted her original posts alleging what Qu Chuxiao did to her. She made two new posts defending her actions, which are also now deleted. On April 25, she said she deleted the previous posts not because she was feeling guilty, but she didn’t want to read one more comment that would make her feel pain, afraid she couldn’t take it anymore. On April 26, she said “Sorry, I wasn’t a perfect victim. I was ‘wearing a skirt too short’, I deserved it.”

In a new post on April 26, she contradicted the netizen who said it was her who had sent Qu Chuxiao the contract. Her screenshot shows that while she had asked him to be a master, he had said “Sign a contract”, which was missing from the earlier screenshot shown by the netizen. She explained the supposed contract was actually a Hermès order form. She said she wanted to gain his favor and make him like her, so she bought Hermès for him.

Qu Chuxiao still hasn’t responded to any of the allegations, but it seems a lot more netizens are questioning Helen Li’s version of the story.

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