Joe Ma and Ali Lee Win Best Actor and Best Actress, Kenneth Ma and Alice Chan Get Consolation Prizes

Joe Ma and Ali Lee Win Best Actor and Best Actress, Kenneth Ma and Alice Chan Get Consolation Prizes

As expected, third time would not be the charm for Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong at today’s TVB Anniversary Awards.  Joe Ma and Ali Lee won the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards this year, beating out hot favorites, Kenneth Ma and Alice Chan.  Both are first time winners of their respective awards.  Joe Ma has been nominated 16 times in his 25 year career.  

2018 TVB Anniversary Awards Show – Winner List

TVB broke their long term protocol of only allowing their “own” win the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards, by giving the “Best Actor” award to Joe Ma, who is not a TVB contracted artist.  However, with the popularity of “Life on the Line”, TVB seemed to have made the right choice this year.  Joe Ma, also seemed a bit surprised when his name was announced. 

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In his speech, he said, “I’m very happy.  This is my first time winning.  Standing here, I finally know what joy is after suffering through the pain.  I have to thank my family.  I believe my father in heaven is watching.  Thanks to my son for giving me so much joy.  Especially thanks to my wife, for taking care of me and the family so well.  Being an artist’s wife is not easy!” 

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Ali Lee thanks her family, the cast and crew of “Who Wants a Baby?”  She says, “If I want to succeed, I can only rely on myself.  Thanks to Lokyi Lai for being a good partner and friend.”  Ali Lee won the “Most Popular Female Award” in 2016.  

Red Carpet Fashion at the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards

Emotional Acceptance Speeches from Mandy Lam and Oscar Leung, Crystal Fung and Matthew Ho Receive “Improvement” Awards

As for Alice Chan, who was the hot favorite to win “Best Actress”, she was crying and emotional when her name was announced for the “Most Popular Female Character” award.  She was thankful to TVB for giving her an opportunity at the lowest point in her career.  She also thanked the producers for giving her the opportunity to do a cooking show, which put her in the spotlight and the minds of the public.  

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Kenneth Ma gets another consolation award once again with the “Most Popular Male Character” award.  When his name was announced, he had a blank expression on his face and didn’t have much of a reaction.  In his speech, he cooly and nonchalantly said, “No need to give me tissues.  I am not endorsing this product, I didn’t receive money…I really don’t know why I got an award tonight.  It’s really odd.  I’m not Edwin Siu, I didn’t register for marriage.  So no need to get excited.  Thanks to the crew and the people who support me.  Also have to thank the executives.  Tonight is really a surprise.”  Perhaps Kenneth Ma really meant what he said when he didn’t care about awards as much as money.  

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