This Group Butchers iKON’s “Love Scenario” on “All For One”

This Group Butchers iKON's Love Scenario on All For One

Youku’s “All For One” (以团之名) aired its first episode one day ahead of schedule. It looks like they are now airing on Thursdays instead of Fridays, which is probably a good idea with “Idol Producer 2” (青春有你) airing on Fridays. While the show was highly anticipated, it seems to be a far contrast to it’s competitor, “Idol Producer 2.” One particular group named, “Souvenir” (纪念品), performed the Chinese version of K-Pop group, iKON’s “Love Scenario” in the first round. The seven person group’s performance made the judges raise their eyebrows as almost everyone was singing off key, were short of breath, and the dancing was not harmonized. After the performance, everyone was silent.

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Watch the train wreck here:

Watch the first episode here:

One of the members of the group, Yang Tong (杨桐), was interviewed and said, “Perhaps our performance was different from everyone’s expectations.” Zhu Yongjian (朱勇健) adds, “Perhaps because we didn’t have enough energy. It was pretty tiring the day we recorded and made everyone’s condition not suitable for performing.”

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Fei’s review of the group, “Your dance was missing soul. It didn’t captivate us.” The entire group’s members only got one star from the judges, the lowest of everyone in the entire episode. Yang Tong got two stars, probably because he attempted to play the guitar and sing live, but also flubbed that too.

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After the episode aired, many fans criticized the group with comments such as, “Are they competing as comedians?”, “I thought this was a prank show.”, After listening to this, I went to listen the original version on loop for 10 times.” There seemed to be some sympathizers as well. Some comments from them include, “Their singing is okay.”, “At least they didn’t fix the music.”, “Maybe they were too tired that day.”

Credit:, All For One Weibo

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  1. lol I click the video thinking how bad it could be…yeah it was bad. How can all but the second singer be in tune???

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