Dilraba Shows Off Her Dance Moves at Birthday Party

Dilraba Shows Off Her Dance Moves at Birthday Party

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) turns 27 on June 3rd, but she celebrated her birthday with fans in Beijing today at her fan meeting. She played some games with her fans and received birthday wishes from celebrities and her fans all over the world.

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Dilraba also showed off her dance moves to Janet Jackson’s “Burn It Up.” Before she starts dancing, Dilraba rips off her shirt to get the crowd excited. After she’s done, she jokingly says, “The stage is quite slippery. I almost fell backwards.” Dilraba is no stranger to the stage as she is currently a producer on Tencent’s “Produce Camp 2019.”

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Click on the picture to watch her dance to “Burn It Up”:

Dilraba 27th Birthday Party Dancing to Janet Jackson's "Burn It Up"

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She also danced to the “Produce Camp 2019” theme song, “Call Out My Name”

Dilraba dancing to "Produce Camp 2019" theme song, "Call Out My Name"

You can rewatch the entire live stream of the fan meeting here: https://www.yizhibo.com/l/cqmS34STVP9QmBYM.html

Credit: Sohu Ent, Dilraba Weibo