Netizens Prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu Being Paired with Wu Jinyan Over Dilraba

Netizens Prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu Being Paired with Wu Jinyan Over Dilraba

Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) had the fortunate opportunity to pair up with Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) in the modern series, “We Are Young” (青春创世纪), back in April. The two seemed to hit it off right from the spot when they posted blooper pics of each other on the day of the blessing ceremony for their new series. When it was announced Johnny Huang Jingyu would be starring alongside Dilraba (迪丽热巴) in another modern series called, “Love Advanced Customization” (爱情高级定制), netizens were excited at this new pairing.

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Because of the recent leaked pictures of Johnny Huang Jingyu with both actresses on set were circulating online, netizens started debating about the pairing with the best CP feels. In the end, netizens actually prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu coupled with Wu Jinyan over Dilraba. As it turns out, many netizens felt Johnny Huang Jingyu and Dilraba don’t give off the feeling of being couple and look more like older sister and younger brother siblings. They say it’s all due to Dilraba’s 169 cm height. She doesn’t give off the feeling of being cute and helpless that needs to rely on someone.

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Netizens Prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu Being Paired with Wu Jinyan Over Dilraba

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On the other hand, Wu Jinyan stands at 165 cm compared to Johnny Huang Jingyu’s 187 cm, which fans felt gave off more realistic couple feels.

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Netizens Prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu Being Paired with Wu Jinyan Over Dilraba

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Netizens left comments such as “Raba’s class stands out too much, making Johnny Huang not that handsome.”, “Look like jiedi (older sister, younger brother) all of a sudden.”, “Why do I feel like they look like brothers?”, “Even though I like both, but…as for CP feels…I don’t feel it yet as of right now.”

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As for Wu Jinyan supporters, they said, “He actually has more CP feels with Wu Jinyan.”, “He still looks better with Wu Jinyan. Raba is too strong. With Johnny Huang, there aren’t any CP feels at all. I don’t want to watch her series at all.”, “Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan are really…too sweet”.

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Which couple do you think has more CP feels?

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14 thoughts on “Netizens Prefer Johnny Huang Jingyu Being Paired with Wu Jinyan Over Dilraba

  1. Lol any great can cos good acting doesn’t see age tall short what so ever

  2. Agreeeeee. Wu Jin n Johnny are awkward. They’re like big brother n kinder sister. Kissing seems incestous! Unlike Dilraba n Johnny are so sexy together, provocative… Johnny can act dominant to balance Her strong onscreen presence with his posture, height , manliness n deep voice. Offcam he’s so boyish n goofy! What an actor!!!

  3. Jinyan is small but looks older than Johnny like scho-shove so awkward. IMAO Johnny n Dilraba look sexy , hot n flirtatious together perhaps you haven’t seen their dynamics together! So real even their everyday caresses n hugs n pinches n tickles n biting n poking!!! It’s so personal intimacy

  4. Dilireba has strong presence and visuals onscreen she might come off too strong at times. Not every ML can match her.

    Honestly in Change Ge Xing now I feel the CP of the ZLS and the other guy is better because of Reba’s strong presence. It somehow feels like she stands on her own lol.

    1. I like Johnny, he should stay with Diralba. As for my Jinyan, I am w8ing for Bargain Queen with Kenny Lin and Royal Feast with Xu Kai. And my search for her perfect on screen partner

  5. I agree with netizens… Dilraba should not be paired with johnny but Vengo or Zhang Bin Bin but as an actress and actor they can’t choose to play with whom, right? Sorry Dilraba, this time I might not be able to watch this drama… OTP is big No to me

    1. 101% agree.. perfectly beautiful.. a make up artist can do anything with her face and she would still come out so beautiful.. it can’t be helped if johnny huang falls for her.. other people are just so insecure with her goddess like beauty.

  6. Dilraba is really out of this world beautiful, and charismatic too boot. hard to find match for her. She should pair her up with Jason Xufeng which play her prince in her Rejoice ads, which also super handsome, charismatic and give more mature aura. Ironically, Jason also play chai Jidan seme in another banned series ‘advance bravely’

  7. So..people judge the cp feeling based on their height or what…and yes agreed with dilireba is so beautiful..we haven’t watch the romantic scene don’t think much about the cp feeling

  8. It’s kinda an unfair comparison since we didn’t get proper promo photos for Love Advanced Customization yet and only a few photos on set. But Reba doesn’t look like his elder sister. At most they look like the same age. But I do agree Reba’s visuals stand out since she’s really beautiful but that’s not her fault lol.

    1. For me Johnny is best young partner for her instead of those girly, thin boys her age…Of course Vengo is good partner but if role calls for young man, then Johnny is best to match Dilraba’s very strong on-screen presence… He balances out everything especially if the story revolves/focus around a man’s life

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