Dilraba’s Outfit at Paris Fashion Week Got Netizens Calling Her “Short” and “Fat”

Dilraba's Outfit at Paris Fashion Week Got Netizens Calling Her "Short" and "Fat"

Many Chinese celebrities slayed at Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week the past month. Unfortunately for Dilraba (迪丽热巴), her outfit at Paris Fashion Week didn’t sit well with netizens. The actress is usually on point with her outfits and style, but this time, her outfit got netizens calling her all different types of names.

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Because of Dilraba’s distinct features, ideal body ratio, and long legs, she has always given the image of being a goddess to netizens. Recently, she was in the news when un-photoshopped pictures of her on set showed off her curvy figure.

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However, this time, her dress and pair of boots she wore at the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week has made netizens say, “This outfit makes her look short and fat.”, “The photographer needs to come out and be beat.”, “All the good qualities of her body have been covered.”, “How come she turned into 150cm?”, “Her body ratio has become 50/50”. However, there were also supporters who felt she looked good regardless of the outfit.

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What do you think of her look at Paris Fashion Week?

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  1. She look perfect
    They just choose the wrong clothes and wrong style for her to wear. Everyone is have them own style that look amazing on them.

    1. yes just the place where they take the picture like the angle of the picture makes her look likt that but she is very pretty

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