Mat Yeung Tried Recruiting Girls to Join a Beauty Pageant for “All Work No Pay Holidays III”

Mat Yeung Tried Recruiting Girls to Join a Beauty Pageant for "All Work No Pay Holidays III"

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Mat Yeung (楊明) attended a press conference today to promote their variety show, “All Work No Pay Holidays III” (打工捱世界III). This is the third season of the show and this time, the two traveled all the way to Columbia. Like previous seasons, Benjamin Yuen said they kept up with the tradition of spending over 40 hours of layovers to get to their destination. Mat Yeung said they immediately started filming once they got off the plane. They had no make up on and immediately started to film them dancing to latin music.

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Mat Yeung also mentioned at one point he received “orders” from the producer to recruit girls on the street for a local beauty pageant. He explained, “I had no choice, it’s all for work. I received orders to look for a bunch of local girls to join a beauty pageant. It’s been a lot of years since I tried to meet girls on the streets. It’s like when I was in my teens. I was rejected a lot, but I still had thick skin and kept on doing it and asked them for their numbers.

As for Benjamin Yuen, he said he got used to seeing the voluptuous bodies of the women in Columbia after staying there for three weeks. Once he returned to Hong Kong, he wasn’t used to seeing Hong Kong girls. When asked if he was not used to seeing girlfriend, Bowie Cheung, he responded, “Yes, but I quickly became familiar with her again.”

The two had once mentioned that this would be their last season, but quickly shunned those thoughts. When asked if they would rather film more series or variety shows, Mat Yeung said, “After working so hard on a series, it feels good to do these shows. I look forward to the next season.” Benjamin Yuen said, “I always tell Mat that we could film well into our 50’s and 60’s.”

Credit:, TVB Youtube, Benjamin Yuen IG