“PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” Has Started Filming in South Korea

PRODUCE 101 JAPAN Has Started Filming in South Korea

The Japanese edition of the highly popular South Korean idol competition, “PRODUCE 101”, was announced back in April. The Japan version will be called “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN” and it will be a male idol competition. The registration process officially ended at the end of May. The show has already confirmed the trainees are filming at the Gyeonggi English Villages, where prior contestants also filmed and served as a dormitory.

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Due to the current trade war between Japan and South Korea, the show will not be aired in South Korea. South Korean tv station, Mnet expressed, “Because our Japanese counterparts hope to film in South Korea due to the work studios, and production schedules. Part of the filming will be done in South Korea, but the show will primarily be filmed in Japan.” There are some worries as there are South Korean citizens who have boycotted buying Japanese products.

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Like its predecessors, the show will select 11 male trainees to from a group. The show is set to air in the latter half of the year with the group debuting in February 2020. As the show is co-produced by CJ E&M Entertainment, the group will also be attending the MAMA award show and KCON after their debut.

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Snippet below of the show looking for trainees on the streets:

Credit: ETtoday.net, PRODUCE 101 JAPAN IG

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