“PRODUCE X 101” Debuts 11 Person Group, “X1”

PRODUCE X 101 Debuts 11 Person Group, X1

The fourth season of the Korean idol competition, “PRODUCE X 101” held its finale on July 19 and debuted a new 11 person male group, “X1.” The name is combined of “X” from the show and the 1 is derived from the roman numeral “XI” for 11, representing the 11 people in the group.

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The members are:

  1. Kim Yo Han – Center
  2. Kim Woo Seok
  3. Han Seung Woo
  4. Song Hyeong Jun
  5. Cho Seung Youn
  6. Son Dong Pyo
  7. Lee Han Gyul
  8. Nam Do Hyun
  9. Cha Jun Hyo
  10. Kang Min Hee
  11. Lee Eun Sang

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Cho Seung Youn is part of Yuehua Entertainment, who debuted in 2014 as part of the Chinese-Korean group, UNIQ. His other members, Zhou Yixuan and Li Wenhan, also participated in two other Chinese male idol competitions, “All For One” and “Qing Chun You Ni” this year and debuted in new groups, “New Storm” and “UNINE” respectively.

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This season’s show is slightly different in that the group will promote for five years with the hopes of being a K-Pop group reaching global success.

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PRODUCE X 101 "X1" Group Debut

Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo