Moon Lau Doesn’t Rule Out Developing Further with Adrian Chau

Moon Lau Doesn't Rule Out Developing Further with Adrian Chau

TVB artist, Moon Lau (劉佩玥), was filming for variety show Liza’s Online (娛樂大家) today and was asked about her long time rumored boyfriend, Adrien Chau (周志文). The two have been rumored to be dating for a while, but the two are always teasing the public when it comes to defining their relationship. The dating rumors reached a whole new level last year when they were suspected to be kissing while on a boating excursion during a live stream. Moon Lau later denied it and said it was due to the angle.

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Even after those rumors, Moon Lau and Adrian Chau didn’t avoid each other. Moon Lau even uploaded a video of her and Adrian Chau singing “A Whole New World” on her Youtube channel a few days ago. Many netizens seem to think this move was laying the groundwork for them to disclose their relationship.

When asked about this Moon Lau responded, “I don’t have any relationship to disclose. It’s just that I showed this clip. We filmed the video a while ago. Because I started to uploaded these clips, netizens said they want to hear me sing, so I chose this clip.” On their duet melting hearts and whether they plan on dating, Moon Lau laughed and said, “When Bob Cheung (張彥博) and I sang previously, they also said I had hearts in my eyes. The most important thing is to have that emotion. If I were to admit to it, there is no need to lay the groundwork, just saying it will do. I read comments saying we match and were able to sing with those emotions. I am ver happy.”

When asked about their chances at developing further, Moon Lau said, “I wouldn’t say there are no opportunities. He is a very good guy. Being rumored with him for so long is a happy thing because there won’t be different partners rotating to be rumored with. We’ll have to deal with it later. I am focus on work right now.”

Credit:, Adrian Chau IG

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