Carmen Lee Finally Reveals Her Age to the Public

Carmen Lee Finally Reveals Her Age to the Public

Hong Kong actress, Carmen Lee (李若彤), has been known for her youthful good looks over the years. While she has moved on to playing matronly roles, her age has always been a mystery as Carmen Lee has never revealed her age. Based on prior information found on the internet, the media surmised she was born between 1967 to 1973. After years of speculation, Carmen Lee revealed her real age on August 16, which was her birthday.

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On August 16, Carmen Lee wrote a post saying, “The me today, who has already gone through most of my life, ushered in my 54th birthday.

Perhaps in the eyes of some people, this age already isn’t a woman’s prime, let alone an actress.

There are people who think, women must be skinny when they’re young, when they reach a certain age, they must have some meat on their body. However, everyone’s perception of beauty is different. It’s actually meaningless to be fat or thin, being healthy is enough. To me, the body must have meat, but it can only be muscles.

There are people who often say, you’ve already reached this age, why aren’t you married yet? I just smile and don’t retort. That is because I still think the ideal marriage is when you meet the right person at the right moment and not just doing it for the sake of doing it.

There are also people who say something like a pretty person is past their prime, time urges people to grow old. They think women over 30 have passed their peak. In reality, no matter when, no matter what age, we still shouldn’t stop moving forward. There will definitely be something I’ve never tried before. There will definitely be new and fresh things I’ve never understood appear. We must always live with curiosity. Life is never defined by others. We must live well.”

Carmen Lee from 30 years ago filming a commercial

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