Zhou Dongyu Sparks Dating Rumors with Classmate After Being Spotted Together

Zhou Dongyu Sparks Dating Rumors with Classmate After Being Spotted Together

Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) was recently spotted by paparazzi hanging out with a male companion and other friends in Shanghai. The male companion is said to be Tang Peiyan (唐培彦), Zhou Dongyu’s classmate from the Beijing Film Academy and also a fuerdai (rich second generation heir). The two were allegedly seen watching a movie together and shopping at a supermarket. Later that night, they were seen eating and hanging out with a group of friends at a bar.

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In the wee hours of the next morning, Zhou Dongyu was allegedly seen coming out of the bar with Tang Peiyan and her assistant returning to the hotel. It’s reported Tang Peiyan is currently a director. When Zhou Dongyu left her previous company, Mountain Top, it’s said Tang Peiyan joined Zhou Dongyu’s studio.

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粉 丝 合 影

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Many netizens felt the two were just friends as they have previously posted pictures with each other on their IGs.

If anything, they feel the dating rumors between her and her English teacher are more credible. The two have posted a lot of similar pictures on their IGs.

While Zhou Dongyu nor Tang Peiyan have spoke out about the rumors, her photographer friend, Li Yixiang (李一享), seemingly spoke about the dating rumors in a jesting manner. He said, “I am also a classmate. I was also by her side. Hey! I was almost the one in the red hair? I was almost___?” The red hair is referring to Tang Peiyan’s red hair in the paparazzi shots.

Credit: Eastday, Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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