Joe Ma and Son, Xiang Ma, Collaborate in New TVB Series for First Time

Joe Ma and Son, Xiang Ma, Collaborate in New TVB Series for First Time

TVB held a costume fitting for new series, “My Family Has No Hardships” (lit. 我家無難事), on September 14. The series has a star studded cast including Nina Paw Hee Ching (鮑起靜), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Grace Wong (王君馨), and Mat Yeung. This will also be the first series Joe Ma and his son, Xiang Ma (馬在驤), collaborate on since the latter signed with Shaw Brothers Studio.

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Xiang Ma will be playing the younger version of Joe Ma from the 90’s in the series. They will also have some scenes together. When asked what attracted him to filming a series, he responded, “Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t go back to Australia.” On whether he was worried about speaking his lines in Cantonese, he said, “Even if I can’t, I must do it. If I don’t understand, then I’ll ask my father.”

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Joe Ma revealed he has analyzed his character with Xiang Ma and prepared stories to tell him about his demeanor when he was younger. He described his character as always thinking he’s smart, but while he seems tough and astute on the surface, he’s actually quite stupid. Joe Ma says he’s happy to work with a senior like Nina Paw as he will learn a lot. He also expressed he doesn’t have much opportunities to portray such exaggerated characters, so there will be a lot of laughter.

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As for the earlier rumors that Joe Ma was against his son entering showbiz, he clarified, “I didn’t oppose it. I’ve always allowed him to develop on his own. When [producer] Amy (Wong) told me [about using him in the series], I immediately asked him if he was willing to do it.” Xiang Ma also added, “Because I was going to class previously, I didn’t know if I could coordinate the schedule, so in the end, we were able to coordinate it, so why not just try it?”

Credit:, TOPick, TVB

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