Roxanne Tong Says She Will Marry Kenneth Ma On One Condition

Roxanne Tong Says She Will Marry Kenneth Ma On One Condition

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) have been constantly rumored to be getting married since they went public with their relationship last June. On December 30, their marriage rumors started again when the media said Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma were getting married in 2021 and were looking at properties for their love nest. The couple have repeatedly denied the rumors. However, this time, Roxanne Tong decided to play along with the media.

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In response to the latest marriage rumors, Roxanne Tong uploaded an IG story and said, “Again?”. She uploaded another story and said, “Happy 2021!”. However, in the lower corner, she wrote, “Since you guys really want it, if, I am only saying, IF, he goes another round, then we’ll get married.” Roxanne Tong is referring to Kenneth Ma repeating his Best Actor win at the 2020 TVB Anniversary awards that airs on January 10, 2021.

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A netizen left a comment saying, “I screencapped the picture already. Is it for rallying votes or getting married?” A lot of people also said they are going to vote for Kenneth Ma because of this. One person said, “Kenneth Ma is definitely getting Best Actor. 2021, Pretty Tong will definitely get married!”.

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A lot of pressure is on Kenneth Ma as there are a lot of rumors Vincent Wong is set to take the award. However, Kenneth Ma had said last month in an interview that, “Marrying your wife is much better than getting Best Actor. Marriage is a huge life event. Finding a partner is for life, it’s better than getting awards.”

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