Male Friend Seen Grinding on Brian Chu’s Girlfriend, Stitch Yu, in Taiwan Nightclub

Male Friend Seen Grinding on Brian Chu's Girlfriend, Stitch Yu, in Taiwan Nightclub

Miss Chinese International 2017 winner, Stitch Yu (余思霆), returned to her native Taiwan last October to fulfill work commitments. She left behind her boyfriend and TVB actor, Brian Chu (朱敏瀚), in Hong Kong. Stitch Yu didn’t disclose the date of her return, but from the looks of her interactions with Brian Chu on social media, they are still going strong in their long distance relationship.

However, on January 18, Apple Daily obtained a video of Stitch Yu partying with friends at a night club in Taiwan. At one point, a male friend was seen caressing Stitch Yu from behind and seems to be grinding on her. However, Stitch Yu didn’t brush him away.

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Stitch Yu spoke with Oriental Daily News about the video and said, “We are all friends who came back from overseas. So we party a bit more crazily. Wherever I go, my boyfriend knows. So it’s not an issue. I have been filming a new program for TVB. I hope everyone focuses more on other things other than me playing. That is actually a gay bar.” When asked if she was afraid Brian Chu would be jealous, she said, “No. I tell him everywhere I go. When I get home, I also tell him. He is very relaxed. He knows I have more friends in Taiwan so he really understands and trusts me.”

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Brian Chu spoke with and explained he learned about the situation and says Stitch Yu tells him everywhere she goes. He also says their relationship is very stable. Brian Chu says he hasn’t danced like that with Stitch Yu as he doesn’t really dance and emphasizes there is trust with each other. On whether he would tell Stitch Yu not to go partying, he said, “No, the most important thing is everyone’s happy.” As for whether he felt his girlfriend was being felt up, Brian Chu, said “No.”

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